VSH Queens

All queens are artificially inseminated from our select stock. If you are seeking quality open mated queens please see our FAQ page for our recommendations.



Varroa Sensitive Hygiene

VSH is the only commercially proven trait to have a real and worthwhile impact of varroa infestation levels when open mated. A hive with as little as 25% expression will have a reduction in varroa mite reproduction. Selected for mite resistance, and general hygiene the daughters from our breeders are sure to add to the overall health of your apiary. Using in house assay testing and artificial insemination we have the ability to select for and breed bees with the highest expression of VSH.

100% VSH Breeder – $300.00 USD

Our 100% VSH queens are the highest mite resistant queens available. They will distrust the reproduction of every varroa mite in worker brood. Open mated daughters are guaranteed to be at minimum 50% expressing when using a 100% VSH breeder queen. We primarily select for dark colored bees, but these are hybrid and light ones are occa


75% Outcrossed VSH Breeder – $200.00 USD

Our 75% VSH queens are a product of our genetic diversity program. These queens are guaranteed to be a minimum of 75% VSH, up to 100%. Our outcrossing gene pool exists of European Caucasians, Purdue Mite biters, Hygienic Carniolans, and other select lines.