Here at Dry Creek Apiary we pride ourselves on producing top quality artificially inseminated breeder queens. Each and every queen we produce is evaluated for thorax size, weight and brood pattern.

We put our breeder queens through VSH assays, 24 hour freeze killed brood hygiene assays, and frequent mite counts. All of our breeder queens score 100% on FBK hygiene assay, and our VSH breeders express the highest possible extent of the VSH behavior.

Our drone mothers are select daughters off previous tested breeders (drones only have genes from their mother, as they have no fathers), this ensures our inseminated queens contain the genetics we claim.

With the ability to perform in house assay testing and insemination, we are able to outcross then re-isolate traits like VSH, ensuring our gene pool is genetically diverse while still living up to our goals.

See our offerings of :

High Expressing VSH Breeder Queens

Purdue Mite Biters

(WSU) European Caucasians


If you are looking for open mated queens, please see our good friends at Olympic Wilderness Apiary. We do not produce open mated queens due to a lack of an isolated mating yard. We believe strongly in OWA’s queens, give them a try if you are after open mated queens.