• Why are your queens so expensive?

Good question. Most queen bees are openly mated, meaning the genetics they carry are unknown and are a real gamble. Our Queens are lab tested and instrumentally (artificially) inseminated to control their genetic traits and overall quality. These queens are known as breeder queens, and are used to produce more predictable and higher quality open mated production queens.

  • Do you sell production or open mated queens?

No we do not. We highly recommend Olympic Wildness Apiary for their open mated queens. Dan and Judy produce amazingly high quality queens at a reasonable price.

  • What kind of breeding program do you operate.

We use a modified closed breeding population program. We use mite reproduction assays to control the percentage of VSH expression our lines have. New lines and feral queens are evaluated for a number of traits, if they meet our standards crossed into our line, then line bred to bring the VSH and other desired traits back to our standards. This allows us to maintain our line, while introducing new desirable traits and genetic vigor.

  • Do you offer classes on instrumental insemination

No, but we can attest Sue Cobey at Honey Bee Insemination Service is an amazing teacher. We use Sue for our II equipment needs, and have previously taken her training classes.